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Save 20% on Trusted Roadside Assistance before 31 July 2015...READ MORE
AA Designated Driver …YOUR safe solution to drinking and driving READ MORE
AA Designated Driver
IDP Going Overseas and planning to drive? The AA can assist you with an International Driving Permit. Apply online and get it within 24hours, or apply at your nearest AA Accredited Sales Agent store for immediate issues....READ MORE
ON THE ROAD The AA offers a range of tools designed to help you simplify your experience on the road. From tracking the fuel price to helping you work out your operating costs and checking toll fees, you'll find what you need....READ MORE
TRAVEL SERVICES Whether it's a self drive trip around South Africa, a cross-border adventure or an exciting holiday overseas, be prepared, plan in advance. Let us assist you with all you need, from travel information and documents, route planning and accommodation, as well as travel insurance and International Driv...READ MORE
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