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Safety in the palm of your hands

20 November 2014

With the year-end rush and festive season fast approaching, many South Africans are either preparing to head out on their annual holidays or stay in town to enjoy the quieter roads visiting restaurants and sites they usually donít get a chance to explore during the year. Either way, any form of travel has the potential to become a stressful experience - whether you are coordinating holiday plans and looking for guidance on where to go and how to get there, need road side assistance or are just looking for the nearest petrol station in an unknown area.

Tolling policy causing roads decay

17 November 2014

South Africa's tolling-orientated road funding approach is accelerating the decay of non-tolled roads. This is the view of the Automobile Association which was commenting on the news that the enquiry panel into the effects of Gauteng's e-tolling system had concluded its consultation phase.

Roads - Funding and building

03 November 2014

South Africa has no roads policy to speak of, and the result is that roads which enjoy higher priority after the meagre roads budget has been exhausted are those on which tolling is feasible. The rest are left either to decay or stumble along on life support. The justification for tolling is that it is a fair and equitable 'user-pays' method of funding roads and that those who can't or won't pay tolls can use the alternatives (such as they are).


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Rosy outlook for fuel price

19 November 2014

Continued declines in international fuel prices have offset a marginally weaker Rand/US dollar exchange rate and motorists look set to reap the benefits at month end. This is the word from the Automobile Association, which was commenting on unaudited mid-month fuel price data from the Central Energy Fund.

Warning: advanced driving and manoeuvring course

22 October 2014

The Automobile Association of South Africa (AA) has been made aware of an Employment Agreement which is being circulated electronically and which instructs a job applicant for a driver/chauffer job opportunity to undertake an Advanced Driving and Manoeuvring course offered by the AA at a fee.

Fuel price see-saw tips towards motorists

16 October 2014

Based on the mid-month data, the petrol price is heading for a month-end decrease of ten to 15 cents per litre, while the picture for diesel is rosier: an estimated 32 cents per litre decline. Data for illuminating paraffin is also showing a substantial drop of around 27 cents per litre.