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Defuse errors to curb ‘road rage’

31 July 2014

Simple tips can prevent a minor traffic event from escalating into an incident of so-called road rage. This is according to the Automobile Association, which said drivers should not over-react to minor traffic events.

AA Logbook

25 July 2014

With tax season underway the Automobile Association has presented a new travel log tool called AA Logbook to assist drivers in logging travelling more effectively and accurately. The new travel management system will come in handy for tax payers and drivers in general who need to keep a detailed account of their travelling.

AARTO not a problem for careful drivers

04 June 2014

All this is good news for drivers who are prepared to tow the line, and they have nothing to fear from AARTO. The AA's view is that the sooner points demerit is implemented, the better. It's time habitual lawbreakers on our roads were shown the door.


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15 July 2014

Petrol prices could rise by as much as 26 cents per litre at the end of July.

What happens if I crash during a dealership test drive?

28 March 2014

A dealer would have public liability insurance to cover them for any damage that might occur during a test drive. Alternatively the dealer may request a prospective customer to sign an acknowledgment of consent to liability, ie. the customer accepts responsibility should the vehicle be damaged whilst the customer is test driving.

AA Vulnerable road user project handover 2014

24 March 2014

The AA hands over safety kits to bicycle users. In South Africa, many poor or previously disadvantaged people have no option but to use bicycles to commute to and from their place of work.