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Licensing needs urgent attention

01 September 2014

Amid some low-level panic about driverless cars, it's worth remembering that the human-driven versions will be with us a long time yet, especially in Africa where the glamour of safety and sophistication inevitably runs up against the cold reality of cost. It's unlikely that Europe's roads will be fully driver-less before 2050 at the outside, and Africa may take 20 to 30 years more to follow, if not longer.

Parents travelling with children

01 September 2014

The Department of Home Affairs has encouraged parents and guardians to apply for unabridged birth certificates for their children even if they do not have plans to travel abroad. This was a legal requirement, the department said in a statement.

Fuel for speculation

04 August 2014

The implication is that the fuel price is decided by a politically-connected bureaucrat who is expected to meet a long-term government price rise goal. Or, in a more sinister vein, that the fuel price is manipulated to shape public opinion according to the political needs of the government of the day. Fuel price conspiracy theories have been abundant since back when a three-cent per litre rise in the fuel price was enough to cause social unrest. But they are difficult to believe, because the structure of the fuel price is far more transparent than most conspiracy theorists are comfortable with.


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Conditions ripe for fuel price relief

18 August 2014

Substantial drops in fuel prices are on the cards. This is according to the Automobile Association, which was commenting on the unaudited fuel price data released by the Central Energy Fund on August 15.


15 July 2014

Petrol prices could rise by as much as 26 cents per litre at the end of July.

What happens if I crash during a dealership test drive?

28 March 2014

A dealer would have public liability insurance to cover them for any damage that might occur during a test drive. Alternatively the dealer may request a prospective customer to sign an acknowledgment of consent to liability, ie. the customer accepts responsibility should the vehicle be damaged whilst the customer is test driving.