AA Mobility Terms & Conditions

  1. Your access to our loyalty programme, Mobility is free as long as you’re an active AA Member. If your Membership has lapsed, you will not be eligible to access any of the benefits. 
  2. You can access the AA Mobility programme through either of the following channels:
  3. If you wish to access the AA Mobility programme on the AA website you will need to register on the site. You will need to complete a simple form asking for confirmation of Membership number (found on the back of your AA Membership card) plus a password. 
  4. If you do not have access to the Internet, the above process can be organised through the AA Call Centre. 
  5. The AA Mobility programme offers you instant Member discounts and/or benefits. There are no points to collect or “cash back rewards”. 
  6. When using the AA Mobility programme for discounts, special offers and other promotions, they cannot be used in conjunction with any other existing promotion or special offer. 
  7. We reserve the right to restrict availability of the benefits offered by either AA or our external partners from time to time, and we shall be entitled to limit the quality and/or quantity of such benefits within our sole discretion based on sound and reasonable decision making under the prevailing circumstances. 
  8. We furthermore reserve the right to introduce additional Membership and/or AA Mobility levels from time to time and to amend the benefits available. 
  9. We do not warrant the fitness, performance, completeness or quality of any of the benefits being offered. Furthermore, the Member indemnifies and holds AA harmless against any damage, injury or loss that he/she may suffer resulting form engaging with the selected partners in this programme. 
  10. All our partners (both the AA and external partners) may have their own respective terms and conditions over and above those stated above. Please ensure that you take cognisance of this. 

How to claim your benefits

  • Website:
    • Log onto www.aa.co.za.
    • Click on Membership.
    • You will be required to enter your Membership number to access the AA Mobility programme.
    • Surf through the selection of partner categories.
    • Locate the partner you wish to use.
    • Click on the partner you want and follow the prompts (make sure you read the terms and conditions).
    • You may need to record special rate reference numbers (for example for our larger hotel venues) and print the confirmation voucher in order to access the full discounted benefit. 
  • Call Centre:
    • The Call Centre will require your Membership number as confirmation. Inform them of which partner you wish to use.
    • If the partner you select uses vouchers, you will be informed of any terms and conditions and a voucher can be either, emailed, faxed or mailed to you, for redemption at a later stage. 

Please note that we have specialist Call Centre staff working in their own respective categories, which may mean that you will talk with more than one person if you need more than one partner.

Errors and omissions excepted