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For your complete motoring peace of mind, select the option below that best suits your pocket, and enjoy travelling with all that an AA Membership brings you... TODAY!

AA Advantage Plus Premium Option AA Advantage Standard Option AA Alliance 60 years and over AA Action 25 years and under
R158 a month!
(or R1585 a year)
R95.50 a month!
(or R945 a year)
R59.50 a month!
(or R595 a year)
R41.50 a month!
(or R415 a year)
AA Advantage Plus gives you the full range of core benefits, plus the luxury of extended benefits including: AA Stand By You security, accident towing, vehicle repatriation, car hire and/or long distance towing. AA Advantage gives you peace-of-mind travelling with access to our extensive range of core benefits including technical roadside assistance, battery and locksmith services, and towing. AA Alliance provides an affordable option for those travelling less frequently, and offers all the core benefits, with a maximum 3 call-outs a year... all at monthly subscription designed to suit your pocket. AA Action is designed as an entry level product, giving our Members aged 25 and under access to the range of core benefits, and a maximum 2 call-outs a year, for one low monthly subscription.

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