Vehicle Rates Calculator

How much does it cost to run your car? Every vehicle is unique and therefore there is no average. However, an accurately calculated rate is essential, especially in tax season when you need to submit your travel claims.

The AA Vehicle Rates Calculator takes all the specifications into account to help you accurately calculate what it costs to run your car.

Please enter the correct details about your car below, and you will be provided with a per kilometre rate specific to you and your vehicle.

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Absa LogoWhile every care has been taken to ensure that the AA Rate Schedules accurately reflect the average fixed and running costs of vehicles in the relevant price and engine capacity ranges, Absa Vehicle Management Solutions (Pty) Ltd. and the Automobile Association of South Africa make no express or implied warranty or guarantee in respect of the assumptions, the source data or the calculations used to formulate the published AA rates, and accept no liability whatsoever for any use to which this data is put by the user.