How the Tolls Affect You

We have overcome the first hurdle against the Gauteng eTolls! An announcement on 28 April, 2012 confirmed that the High Court has interdicted the launch of the eTolling system. The project in Gauteng was put on hold with immediate effect to allow a full court review to determine if the process followed was constitutionally correct. Only after the review is completed will the High Court be able to move forward and make a decision about if the eToll system should be scrapped or not. This review process could take anything from 6 months to a year.

While the review gets underway, letís continue the fight together!

A total of 49 gantries have been built to date, on major commuter routes in Gauteng. Here are some of the ways that it will affect you:

  • Reduced income: Imagine adding to your personal tax bill! eTolling has an equivalent effect, reducing disposable income by as much as R550 a month (more without an eTag). Although, this is the amount at which monthly toll fees will be capped, it is unknown how long this limit will be in place.
  • Increased price of goods for consumers: Everything transported along tolled routes will cost more, which means increased operational costs for businesses and retailers and, in turn, for you. Furthermore, an increase in the inflation rate is possible, making home and car loan repayments more expensive. 
  • Access to your bank account: When registering, you will be giving permission for your bank account to be automatically debited. With this comes the possibility of incorrect amounts being taken off and the aggravation of having to claim back.
  • Risk to your integrity: Many illegal number plates are being used on Gautengís roads, which means you could be incorrectly billed and will have to go through the process of requesting a photograph to dispute false claims.

Stand with the AA and say NO to the implementation of Gauteng eTolling by getting your No Toll GP sticker at your nearest Accredited Sales Agent store today!

Alternatively, you can download a print-friendly PDF version here to print out and stick on the inside of your car's rear window. Please remember to set your printer settings to landscape.