FAQs on the Gauteng eTolls

Why is the eToll system being implemented?
The tolls were designed to fund the R20 billion highway upgrade program that has recently been completed (Gauteng Freeway Development Project). Refer to OUTA’s (Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance) website for more details, www.outa.co.za.

What is the current status of the eTolls? 
The High Court dismissed the review brought by Outa and ruled in favour of Sanral which now allows Sanral to go ahead with the tolling process. The High Court has also allowed Outa to appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeal. This is yet to take place.

The Constitutional Court has uplifted the interdict on the eToll and Sanral is now able to start tolling as soon as the legislation dealing with the tariff and toll collection processes have been promulgated, ie, passed into law.

Now that the Tolls are on Hold…

Should I register for an eTag now that the system is on hold?
As the future for the eToll system is uncertain, the AA suggests you wait pending the outcome of the High Court review after which a final decision on the tolls will be made. A tip from the AA: If you feel you have to register now, provide only your postal address (or street delivery address if applicable) – avoid providing your email address or telephone numbers.

I currently live overseas and will only return again in a few months. What do I need to do now to alleviate problems when we get back in SA? 
Sanral has been given the go ahead to start tolling. The legislation dealing with tolling has gone back to the legislature and will be published. Once this is done the Sanral will be able to implement tolling. However OUTA are in process of appealing this judgment and the outcome will decide whether the eTolling process will go ahead or not. It is ultimately at your discretion as to whether you want to register for an eTag or not. 

What can I do to oppose eTolling?
Start by visiting an AA Accredited Sales Agent store to purchase a ‘No Toll GP’ bumper/window sticker. Make your voice heard at every opportunity that is presented for public participation.

If the Tolls go Ahead…

If I don’t register for an eTag, what will happen?
If the tolls are implemented, you will not have to buy an eTag to travel on the GP tolled roads. You will be billed via post according to your registration details and will have seven days to make payment from the date you used the toll roads. However, you will not qualify for the discounted rate without an eTag.

Will I need to get an eTag even if I don’t use the freeway?
No, you would not need to register. Tolls can only be collected if you use a tolled route.

What would I do about eTolls if I am an occasional visitor to Gauteng (living in another province or abroad) and will need to make journeys on Gauteng’s toll roads. Do I have to register for an eTag?
You will not have to register for an eTag. You can get a day pass, or simply let SANRAL bill you at your vehicle's registered address. However, it depends on how often you use the freeways as, according to current rules, you can only get 12 day passes per year.

Should I hire a car, will my eTag cover me automatically? 
No, your eTag will cover you as your vehicle will be described on the eTag registration form. Your eTag will not be transferrable. Car hire companies will ensure that their vehicles have an eTag on the vehicles or they will be charged according to their vehicle licence number. The car hire company will then bill the driver depending on rates applicable.  Please note that if the car does not have an eTag, you will not be charged at the discounted rate.

If I have more than 1 vehicle in my household, should a separate eTag be purchased for each vehicle, or can we share an eTag between cars?
You will need to purchase 1 eTag per vehicle, but they can all be linked to one bank account.

Will any discounts apply if we purchase more than 1 eTag per household?
We cannot confirm this – you should refer this question to SANRAL.

Will a trailer need an eTag?
Trailers will not need eTags.

Will motorbikes need an eTag?
Yes, motorbikes will need an eTag as they are recognised as a separate class of vehicle.

The Minister of Finance said that the maximum toll payable per month is R550. Is this true? 
The proposed legislation states that the new maximum amount is R450.00 on the frequent user discount. As the legislation is proposed, it is subject to change.

I am a pensioner. Will any form of pensioners discount apply?
Unfortunately, our understanding is that there is no pensioner’s discount applicable.

What will happen if I don’t pay? 
The proposed legislation has now made any contravention of the Act a criminal offence and if you are found guilty you can be fined or subjected to imprisonment not exceeding 6 months.The legislation also imposes a civil fine of R 1 500.00. 

The legislation also gives SANRAL the choice to decide whether to pursue you in civil law or criminal. Please note that this is the proposed legislation and is subject to change until signed into law by the President.

How will I be charged for the distance I travel? 

You will be charged a set amount per kilometre - according to the distance between the gantries you drive under, and not the distance you travel.

What happens if I get a bill from the toll collection agency but I did not use the freeway?
The AA estimates that as many as 10% of vehicles in Gauteng have false (incorrect or cloned) number plates. Unfortunately this behaviour exists, leaving you at risk of false claims against your name. According to SANRAL’s rules, it will be up to you to deal with the admin hassle of proving that your vehicle was not driven on their toll route.

What are my rights if I am stopped by the traffic police for non-payment of tolls? 
If tolls are implemented and the proposed legislation is passed, the police will be able to stop you and inform you of monies outstanding by yourself.  However, the standard rules of court will apply for arresting someone. The traffic police will only be able to arrest you if a warrant of arrest has been authorized for you. The traffic police must be able to produce the warrant of arrest when attempting to arrest you. 

How secure will my bank details be?
We can’t say as there has been no public disclosure of the systems that will be used to ensure data security and integrity.

Will this eTag cover all tollgates in SA?
At the moment the eTag does not cover all toll roads, only those in Gauteng, but it may be possible in the future.

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