Enjoy the Safety of Knowing What Lies Ahead

 This road report provides conditions for the following: metropolitans, national roads and provincial roads. To help ensure your safety on the road, the AA collects information on road conditions from across the country. Our road report is updated on a weekly basis.

How To Use the Road Report


National and Provincial / Other Routes

These Road Reports are compiled and issued by the AA based on information collected and received from various external sources, such as road, traffic and police authorities, contractors responsible for road maintenance, and AA members. Travellers should remember that weather conditions and other factors can quickly affect road conditions and the report could therefore change unexpectedly.

The AA takes all reasonable steps to ensure the information is correct and up to date. However, it cannot accept responsibility for any omissions or errors in it, nor are we responsible for damage, delays or disappointment that might occur during the course of your travel. The information is used at your own risk.