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Corporate Customer

AA Fleetcare is a comprehensive emergency roadside assistance offering for businesses, and is available for passenger and commercial vehicles, and motorcycles.  As a corporate roadside provider to a broad spectrum of industries, we are specialists in building turnkey solutions covering fleets of as few as 5 vehicles and up to 300 000, taking care of your business assets when you need it most.

For a customised solution tailored for your business, please call AA Fleetcare on:

Telephone+27 (011) 799 1000 / 1324 / 1184

AA Fleetcare's focus is on mobilising broken down vehicles at the roadside to ensure business continuity and minimise fleet downtime. The vehicle is the unit of cover, so no matter who is driving, assistance will be provided.

The AA has a successful track record of mobilising 95% of vehicles at the roadside. Where mobilisation is not possible, vehicles are swiftly recovered to a place of safety or repair. The roadside assistance service is complemented by a host of additional emergency support services including:

  • Emergency medical rescue services
  • Car hire
  • Overnight accommodation services
  • Roadside security
Available Options
  • AA Fleetcare entitles you to a total annual limit of R 3,000 of services.
  • AA Fleetcare Plus entitles you to a total annual limit of R 5,000 of services.
  • Alternatively, a customised emergency roadside assistance helpline service can be tailored to cater for your organisation's specific needs.
Availability of Services
  • All AA Fleetcare emergency services are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • The roadside assistance benefits are available in South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland.
  • Towing services are also available in Namibia and Botswana.
  • Roadside assistance is arranged by the AA Fleetcare Call Centre.
Key Account Manager

A dedicated Key Account Manager will be allocated to manage an organisation's roadside assistance programme.

The Key Account Manager will:

  • Act as a liaison between the business and the AA's specialised support services.
  • Effectively manage the administration of the programme, including customised, regular reporting and billing.
  • Fulfill any other pertinent tasks relating to the successful management of the business' roadside assistance programme.
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