What you Need to Know

International travel can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Essential arrangements can easily be overlooked in the frenzy of buying bikinis and deciding what to pack! Be prepared, plan in advance and make sure you are covered!

International Driving Permits    
IDPs   Travel Insurance   Member Benefits
Driving in another country? An international driving permit is highly recommended. The why, how, what and where explained here!
  Enjoy peace of mind! Obtain insurance aimed at reducing the traveller's exposure to unforeseen and often unaffordable travel and medical-related expenses.
  A world-wide organisation of Touring and Automobile Clubs that agree to provide a broad range of services to each others Members travelling abroad.
International Savings   Visas and Forex   Passports
The Show Your Card & Save Programme is active in various participating countries worldwide, offering AA Members to discounts and savings across the globe.
  So ready for some shopping at that exotic destination. Ensure that you have the right currency to barter with and necessary Visas for entry!
  Ensuring your passport is in order seems obvious but many pitfalls remain even if you're already in the possession of one.

Registration of Trip
By registering your trip on-line you assist the Government to locate you during an emergency, verifying your status and liaising with your next-of-kin.


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