Forex and Cash Passport

Planning all your money matters is essential for any trip overseas. Please remember that any difficulties you encounter can be complicated by distance and language.

Recommended Currency and Forex

Travelex LogoIt is in your best interest to purchase the preferred currency of your destination. Travelex is a leading name in provision of travel money products and are suppliers of foreign notes in all major currencies at a competitive rate of exchange. AA Members get preferential rates!  

Travelex also supplies and arranges traveller's cheques, Cash Passports, drafts and telegraphic transfers. Remember to carry small denominations for convenient local shopping.

For information on foreign exchange contact Travelex.

Visa Cash Passport 

Cash PassportThey is an easy way to safely store Forex, giving you the ability to get cash cheaper and faster by using an ATM, rather than traveller's cheques.

You can pre-budget your travel spend, and if necessary, ask your family back home to top it up. Just keep in mind that while ATMs give the best possible rates, they do have transaction fees. Minimise fees by making fewer large withdrawals, but be cautious and remember to keep cash safely in a money belt.

For information on visa cash passports contact Travelex.