South Africa has one of the highest instances of road accidents in the world. The impact of this on a victim’s family in terms of physical and emotional loss is often catastrophic, not to mention the financial loss!  No one likes to think that this could happen to them, but if it does, you need to make sure you have the support you need. AA Accident Claim Assist will manage your claim against the Road Accident Fund (RAF), which provides cover for all users of South African roads against road accident deaths or injuries.

Product Description

Whether you’re a driver in your car or someone else’s, a passenger or even a pedestrian, AA Accident Claim Assist will assist you to lodge a claim against the RAF from start to finish... ensuring you receive the compensation you’re due. As a policyholder, you’ll get:

  • Free medical, legal and administrative support at a time you need it most.
  • Convenient and hassle-free administration and claims management to ensure you receive the
  • full compensation to which you are entitled.
  • Focus on your claim, so you’ll receive your money as quickly as possible to assist with your needs,
  • with regular progress reports on the status of your claim.
  • 100% of all compensation received paid to you with no additional costs.
  • We’ll also assist your dependants to claim against the RAF in the event you suffer an unfortunate fatal injury.

Terms and Conditions

The AA Accident Claim Assist service is only available for claims from the Road Accident Fund for road accidents that occur in South Africa, in which you are injured as the result of a negligent driver.
You must be a valid policyholder  to be eligible for service at the time of the road accident. In addition, you must be compliant with all the legal and regulatory matters of the Acts governing the Road Accident Fund at the time of the accident.
AA Accident Claim Assist does not guarantee performance from the Road Accident Fund and you are not obliged to use the services of AA Accident Claim Assist to lodge your claim with the Road Accident Fund, in the event of which we will not be liable for any costs you may incur.

  • AA Added Value product benefits are non-refundable and non-transferable  
  • Your benefits and entitlements do not cover incidents that happened before you were covered by your AA Added Value product.
  • We reserve the right to deny services to any policyholder who, in the AA’s opinion attempts to receive service by deception, with no requirement to refund. 
  • Your AA Added Value product does not automatically cover your spouse and dependants, who should become take out cover in their own right.

Resolving disputes: 

Where our legal practitioner does not substantiate the merits of your case, we will not proceed with a claim. If this is in conflict with your view, or there is a material conflict between your assessment of the situation, and that of our legal practitioner, the case will be referred to the AA Added Value advisory panel for review. This panel will consist of the AA Added Value legal advisor, as well as 2 independent, external legal advisors. The costs of this review process will be for your account. You are free to obtain outside second opinions at all times, but the cost of these opinions will not be covered by your AA Added Value product, unless prior approval is obtained in writing.

We carefully select our service providers for AA Added Value products, but cannot guarantee quality of service. These service providers are not our agents or employees. We cannot be held liable for their actions or omissions, or for any damage caused by their failure to perform. Where there is a need for clarification of terms and conditions or relating to your benefits under this product, our interpretation will be final.

Right to amend benefits, terms and conditions: 

We constantly strive to provide new and improved products and services to you. We reserve the right to amend the terms, conditions and benefits, including changing third party service providers. We will notify Members of material amendments in our Member communications.

Up to date subscription: 

Your policy must be fully up to date for you to be eligible to use your AA Added Value benefits.

Cancellation of your AA Added Value product: 

Should you have opted in to this service and wish to discontinue your cover, please provide 30 days’ notice in writing prior to your anniversary date.

AA Added Value opt-in products are 12-month subscription products and are activated from the date payment is received. The subscription period needs align to the Membership Subscription period.

AA Added Value products which are supplementary to your policy will renew on the date of your policy renewal.

Errors and omissions excepted