AA Stand By You Terms and Conditions

Please note that the terms of the General Policy Terms and Conditions is applicable to this policy document and its terms are accordingly incorporated herein as if specifically incorporated, mutatis mutandis.

  1. Product Description
    1. AA Stand by You is available to validated policyholders in the event of a vehicle breakdown or accident.
    2. An armed security guard will stay with you until the AA Patrolman or tow vehicle arrives to ensure your safety and security. In addition to personal protection, this service reduces the risk of hijacking and vandalism while at the side of the road.
    3. AA Stand by You is linked to 24/7roadside assistance in major urban areas and is available to all validated policyholders.
    4. This service is subject to the Terms and Conditions below and to the available capacity of the AA’s external service provider to render service at the time it is requested.
  2. Terms and Conditions
    1. The following terms, conditions and exclusions shall govern the provision of the Stand by You service ("Service") in terms of ("The Agreement") between the AA and ("validated policyholders") and these terms and conditions shall be read with and deemed to be incorporated in ("The Service Level Agreement") the AA has with its service provider, which shall apply hereto mutatis mutandis:
    2. Only validated policyholders are covered by the Service.
    3. The Service cannot be subscribed to in isolation of subscribing to an AA product.
    4. The sole purpose of the Service is to minimise the risk of injury to and/or attack of validated policyholders and other occupants of such policyholder’s vehicle.
    5. The Service is only available in urban areas where the AA’s service provider has an infrastructure presence. Furthermore, the Service is only available in selected areas of Johannesburg, Tshwane, Midrand, Cape Town, Paarl, George, Hermanus, Port Elizabeth, Durban, Bloemfontein, East London, Kimberley, Pietermaritzburg, Witbank, Rustenburg, Brits, Hartebeestpoort, Nelspruit, Polokwane, Welkom, and the Vaal Triangle.
    6. The Service is subject to availability and certain areas are excluded from the Service. Therefore, should the Service be requested in an area not covered by the Service, the AA reserves the right to refuse the Service to the validated policyholder.
    7. The AA and its service provider shall not be liable to for consequential or direct or indirect damages, nor for any damages incurred by a policyholder in any way associated with the Service, for any loss or damage sustained by the policyholder and/or his/her vehicle's occupants as a result of failure to render the Service timeously or at all or as a result of the manner in which such Service may be rendered or from any other cause whatsoever, including negligence, omission and wilful default.
    8. The AA makes no warranties of any nature whatsoever nor accepts any responsibility or liability of any nature whatsoever, for any claims, loss or damage of any nature whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the supply of the Service in any way.
    9. The Service can only be requested if the breakdown of the vehicle occurred at the roadside and not at any other location.
    10. In order to obtain the Service, the validated policyholder must request the Service from the AA Emergency Call Centre at the same time as requesting roadside assistance. The AA will not automatically dispatch the Service to a validated policyholder. Furthermore, it is at the AA's discretion to dispatch the Service to a validated policyholder based on the description provided to the AA by the validated policyholder of the prevailing security circumstances at the incident scene.
    11. The validated policyholder can only activate the Service by contacting the AA’s Emergency Call Centre.
    12. The validated policyholder must provide accurate information to enable the AA to locate where he/she is stranded.
    13. To qualify for the Service the validated policyholder must be present at the incident scene and may be required to produce personal identification.
    14. If a policyholder exceeds the number of roadside assistance call-outs applicable, the policyholder may continue to make use of the Service for the policyholder’s own account.
    15. The responding officer will not assist the policyholder with an escort service, transportation, or home security service and will not be permitted to provide any form of roadside assistance.
    16. The validated policyholder may only request the Service for him or herself personally and may not use his/her cover to obtain assistance for a spouse, dependant, friend, family member, or business associate.
    17. While the AA and its service provider shall exercise care in rendering the Service, the safety or prevention of loss, liability, injury, or damage of whatever nature and however arising cannot be guaranteed.
    18. If the AA does not receive validation of the policyholder, the AA reserves its rights to immediately cancel the Service and will then be entitled to refuse to provide the Service.
    19. The provision of the Service is subject to the AA's standard emergency rescue service terms and conditions.