AA Taxi-After-Tow Policy Wording


AA Taxi-After-Tow complements the management of a mechanical breakdown or accident incident. It provides a swift, convenient taxi service to the occupants of a vehicle that have been left stranded as a result of a vehicle tow. The taxi service is dispatched concurrently with an AA Tow Truck to respond timeously to a breakdown scene. It is coordinated along with the other emergency intervention services of medical rescue and roadside security to offer a complete incident management solution. It safely transports customers to a destination of their choosing, whether it be work, home, a place of safety or a doctor in the event of an accident.

Product Description

AA Taxi-After-Tow service provides the customer with transport in the event of an accident or breakdown incident resulting in their vehicle requiring a tow. The Service is dispatched concurrently with an AA Tow Truck to respond timeously to a breakdown scene.

Introduction and Definitions

These terms and conditions constitute an agreement between you, the AA and the AA’s service providers.  In this agreement:

  • ‘AA’ means the Automobile Association of South Africa NPC;
  • ‘Service’ means the AA Taxi-After-Tow Service, as further described below;
  • ‘We/Us’ means each of, the AA and the AA’s service providers;
  • ‘You’ means the customer who uses or attempts to use the Service.

Terms and conditions  

  • The customer may only utilise the service in the event that the covered vehicle requires a tow after an accident or mechanical or electrical breakdown.
  • The service provides customers with a taxi transport service limited to 100km per trip calculated as the distance between the pick up and the drop off points. 
  • In the event that a trip exceeds 100km, the additional kilometres will be charged to the customer at the AA rate per kilometre.
  • Should a trip distance be less than the covered number of kilometres, there is no carry-over or refund of the balance.
  • Benefits are available to active, paid-up customers, subject to validation by the AA Call Centre at the point of engagement, as per the customer’s verification criteria.
  • Neither the AA, its service providers, the call centre nor its agents and/or its employees will be liable or responsible for any unforeseen, unexpected or unpredictable incidents that may occur during the carrying out of the service to the customer.
  • We reserve the right to terminate the service with immediate effect and without notice of such termination to the customer.
  • You agree you will not hold us liable for any damage of whatsoever nature you may suffer as a result of using the service or as a result of any failure by us to provide the service.
  • You irrevocably indemnify us (including our directors, employees and agents) against any claim for damages which may be instituted against any of us by any person arising out of or in connection with the service or a failure to provide the service.
  • The AA will not take responsibility for any loss, damage or injury that may occur as a result of you using the service.
  • Right to amend benefits, terms and conditions: We constantly strive to provide new and improved services to you. We reserve the right to amend the terms, conditions and benefits, including changing third party service providers.