This policy document, the information you have provided and the Schedule of Benefits issued to you, form the contract of insurance between us (Regent Insurance Company Limited) and you (the insured). In return for your premium and provided you comply with the terms and conditions of the policy, we will provide the cover described in the policy and Policy Schedule. 

Important Information at a Glance

What to do in an emergency

Contact us as soon as possible on +27 (011) 991 8419 and quote your Certificate Number (refer to your certificate or emergency card). We will provide you with a claim form which must be completed and submitted to us as soon as possible for us to obtain all the necessary information relating to the claim. 

How to contact us

If you would like more information or advice, contact our call centre 0861 900 801 during office hours. This is an important document. Please keep it in a safe place. 

Understanding your policy

To understand your policy benefits and terms and conditions you need to read the Policy and Schedule of Benefits carefully: 

  • Read about each of the available types of cover and benefits in the Schedule of benefits, as well as the relevant sections of the Policy Wording (remember words have specific meanings - see Definitions). Not all plans have all the benefits described in the policy wording; the Schedule of Benefits identifies the benefits for each plan. 
  • General Conditions apply to all sections. If you do not meet these conditions we may not be able to pay a claim. 
  • There are Specific Exclusions under each section with a heading We will not pay. These apply to the specific cover that you have chosen. The General Exclusions apply to all the sections of the policy. 
  • Once you have selected your level of cover and paid the premium shown, we will provide you with a Certificate of Insurance, which will entitle you to claim under the policy up to the amount stated in the Schedule of Benefits. 

Pre-existing medical conditions cover

Not all the plans automatically provide cover for travellers with a Pre-Existing Medical Condition (see Definitions). If you have a Pre-Existing Medical Condition we will not pay for any medical claim related to your condition if you did not purchase a plan including the cover or where you did not meet the applicable conditions. 


If you have a complaint

Contact the Regent Complaints Department on:

Tel: 0861 268 378

Fax: +27 (011) 579 3599



Terms and Conditions