Petition against the implementation of the Gauteng Freeway Open Road tolling

Thank you to everyone that have signed the petition.  The petition will be handed to the Minister at the Ministerial Summit on Road Funding.

To review the submission to the Department of Transport Steering Committee on Gauteng Tolls by the Automobile Association of South Africa which was submitted on 24 March 2011,

Minister Síbu Ndebele
Department of Transport
Private Bag X193

It is the Automobile Associationís policy that tolling should always be regarded
as the last resort for road funding, and, that there should be an immediate return to
a dedicated road fund which is ring-fenced and sourced from existing fuel taxes.

We therefore call on you to give full public disclosure on the following:

  1. The full costs of the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Plan from inception,
  2. The appointment process of the toll collection agency, and,
  3. How the tax revenue from the sale of petroleum fuel for road use is being spent.

Therefore the Automobile Association of South Africa, together with its members and the motoring public, hereby submits a formal petition for the implementation of the GFIP tolling NOT to be implemented and that funding for the project be sourced from existing fuel taxes paid by South African motorists.

The petition is now closed.

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