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Your car needs a service – you don’t need to be fooled
03 February 2016
AA advises motorists to do their homework before servicing their cars Servicing your vehicle, especially a vehicle which is out of its warranty period, can be a daunting experience. While there are many reliable, and reputable, operators on the market, there are those who take advantage of a lack of knowledge of modern vehicles, in order to fleece consumers.
AA becomes newest drop off site for Hope Grass Project
25 January 2016
Bring your lawn cuttings to us to help feed needy animals The Automobile Association (AA) has partnered with AgriSA to become the newest drop-off site for the Hope Grass Project.
Save fuel the smart way – AA
20 January 2016
Automobile Association says a little saved every month will add up Economists have predicted a turbulent year ahead for the South African economy amid growing world economic problems, and the devaluation of the Rand against international currencies. It is going to be rough year, and as we try to make that December salary last to the end of January, there are some things we can do save money, and stretch our Rand a little further. “There are some simple tips every motorist can employ to stretch the fuel in their tank, and avoid having to fill up too often. By driving sensibly and following these tips, you may find you can travel further and save some much-needed cash you can use on other essentials,” the AA said.

Latest commentary
Alcohol: Reaching the unconverted
03 November 2015
Throughout this year, we've focused on alcohol and driving. We've looked at the scale of the problem and delved into the way alcohol affects driving. And in this conclusion to our three-part overview of the issue, we ask a single question: is there a way South Africa could take the message of sober road use to such a diverse selection of drivers as ours?
Safe and snug with new seat laws
01 July 2015
Many innovations in road safety in South Africa have been recommended by the Automobile Association, sometimes decades before they were implemented. Did you know, for instance, that the AA called for a points demerit system for South African roads as early as the 1960s? One of the things we have focused heavily on over the years is improved safety for children in cars, and with the new child seat legislation having taken effect two months ago, we'd like to re-inforce why we think it is such a good idea, and outline what still needs to be done.
AA cautions on negative fuel price data
17 February 2015
The months-long downward trend in fuel prices has reversed sharply in February. This is according to the Automobile Association, which was commenting on unaudited mid-month fuel price data issued by the Central Energy Fund.

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