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What to do if you are caught up in civil unrest
23 June 2016
Finding yourself at the centre of a civil unrest situation “If you are aware of unrest near to you, monitor media and social media, listen to radio reports and traffic u in your car is not something many people think of. However, recent events in some parts of South Africa mean it is wise to be prepared if this does happen to you, the Automobile Association (AA) has warned.
Insurance is a necessity, not a luxury
21 June 2016
A frightening statistic of South Africa’s roads is that between 65 and 70% of the 11.4 million registered cars in the country are not insured. If you are driving one of these uninsured cars, you are running a major risk that can have serious consequences in your life. It’s a situation the majority of motorists need to take heed of, and address urgently, the Automobile Association has warned.
Re-introduction of Dräger a positive step - AA
17 June 2016
The re-introduction of the Dräger breathalyser in a pilot phase in the Western Cape is a welcome step that should be applauded by all South African motorists, the Automobile Association (AA) said. Earlier this week the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) announced that Evidentiary Breath and Alcohol Testing (through the Dräger breathalyser) would be re-introduced from 1 August.

Latest commentary
Distracted driving still a problem
04 May 2016
Do you talk or text on your cellphone while driving? How about eating, fixing your tie, or putting on make-up. These are all activities that divert your attention from the road, and can be potentially deadly. Distracted driving remains a problem in South Africa, and will continue to remain so into the future unless drastic action is taken. And, although that action needs to come from officials, more importantly, it has to start with a change of attitude among drivers. In April, the Automobile Association (AA) hosted an event in Johannesburg to test driver’s ability when they are distracted.
Go on holiday with the AA Winners
30 April 2016
Congratulations to the winners of the Go on holiday with the AA giveaway. We hope that you enjoy your prize!
Alcohol: Reaching the unconverted
03 November 2015
Throughout this year, we've focused on alcohol and driving. We've looked at the scale of the problem and delved into the way alcohol affects driving. And in this conclusion to our three-part overview of the issue, we ask a single question: is there a way South Africa could take the message of sober road use to such a diverse selection of drivers as ours?

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