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May 2016

By The AA
Do you talk or text on your cellphone while driving? How about eating, fixing your tie, or putting on make-up. These are all activities that divert your attention from the road, and can be potentially deadly. Distracted driving remains a problem in South Africa, and will continue to remain so into the future unless drastic action is taken. And, although that action needs to come from officials, more importantly, it has to start with a change of attitude among drivers. In April, the Automobile Association (AA) hosted an event in Johannesburg to test driverís ability when they are distracted.

February 2015

By AA Public Affairs
The months-long downward trend in fuel prices has reversed sharply in February. This is according to the Automobile Association, which was commenting on unaudited mid-month fuel price data issued by the Central Energy Fund.

January 2015

By AA Public Affairs
Fuel prices will be substantially lower in February. This is according to the Automobile Association's analysis of the Central Energy Fund's unaudited fuel price data at the end of January.

October 2014

By AA South Africa
The Automobile Association of South Africa (AA) has been made aware of an Employment Agreement which is being circulated electronically and which instructs a job applicant for a driver/chauffer job opportunity to undertake an Advanced Driving and Manoeuvring course offered by the AA at a fee.

October 2014

Based on the mid-month data, the petrol price is heading for a month-end decrease of ten to 15 cents per litre, while the picture for diesel is rosier: an estimated 32 cents per litre decline. Data for illuminating paraffin is also showing a substantial drop of around 27 cents per litre.

August 2014

By Marius Luyt - AA Public Affairs
Substantial drops in fuel prices are on the cards. This is according to the Automobile Association, which was commenting on the unaudited fuel price data released by the Central Energy Fund on August 15.

July 2014

Petrol prices could rise by as much as 26 cents per litre at the end of July.

March 2014

A dealer would have public liability insurance to cover them for any damage that might occur during a test drive. Alternatively the dealer may request a prospective customer to sign an acknowledgment of consent to liability, ie. the customer accepts responsibility should the vehicle be damaged whilst the customer is test driving.

March 2014

The AA hands over safety kits to bicycle users. In South Africa, many poor or previously disadvantaged people have no option but to use bicycles to commute to and from their place of work.

March 2014

Further heavy rains and localized flooding expected to persist in places over the north-eastern and eastern parts of South Africa. During the past week, the north-eastern parts of the country have been experiencing heavy rains which led to flooding in many places.

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