AA Calls for an Urgent Road Safety Forum

The AA has called for an urgent forum for road safety to further develop the strategies in place and find every more effective solution to the carnage on our roads.

This follows the recent addition of our own Sbu N’debele as a signatory to the Make Roads Safe Decade of Action for road safety ahead of the UN summit to be held in November of this year. The endeavour aims to curb the massive number of 15,000 who die on our roads each year.

The AA would like to invite the general public to contribute with suggestions that they feel would make a difference on our roads. “Road safety is a community effort and we all need to start getting involved in order to feel that what we do can make a difference” says the AASA Road safety leading into 2010 poses various challenges for South Africa when we will be centre stage. The most prominent challenges fall into the three umbrella categories of enforcement, education and engineering and government is working furiously to address these issues one by one.

Addressing pedestrian safety, ensuring that our roads are structurally sound and implementing a system of effective traffic law enforcement and road safety education is key, while plans must be put in place to ensure safety and sustainability in the transport sector.

Automobile Association of South Africa (AA)
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