The AA Calls for Clearer Road Markings

The AA has recently had an influx of complaints to their call centre regarding the lack of road markings on South African roads. AA representatives have since conducted internal research, driving to various places where road markings are indeed scarce, or in some cases, nonexistent!

The majority of the complaints have been from the Gauteng area, specifically on provincial roads such as the N14, R511 Diepsloot area and the R562.  Road markings within the jurisdiction the metropolitan councils are in as poor condition.

This realisation comes just less than four months after the budget speech, when the then Minister of Finance announced that a contribution of the fuel levy would be going to the six various metropolitan councils in South Africa for funding towards road maintenance and new projects.

“The announcement was welcomed by the AA at the time but a concern was raised around transparency of process and that the public would need to see where their money was being spent”, said the AASA.

“The question is, what is being done with the funding and where are the results?” the AASA added.

With the recent spate of bad weather and poor visibility, road markings would be an excellent place to start. It is not an expensive exercise, one that will be clearly visible and will undoubtedly contribute to safer road use for all.

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