AA Condemns Illegal Street Racing

Three more lives were needlessly lost during an illegal drag race in Pretoria on Sunday evening.

Illegal street racing on Voortrekker Street in Pretoria has over the past decade or more, become a customary Sunday evening’s entertainment for thousands of spectators who line the street exposing themselves to the danger of illegal racers losing control of their vehicles.

The AA cannot condone this very dangerous practice and calls on the authorities to take immediate action to prevent further injury or death due to illegal street racing.

Despite the authorities being well aware of the problem and the danger to public safety which this activity poses, very little action has been taken to counter this in the past. 

“Now that there have been fatalities, we will no doubt see strict law enforcement in the area particularly on Sunday evenings. Surely a case of closing the stable door after the horse has bolted”, said the Automobile Association.

“What makes this crash significant is that in the year in which the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety is being launched, a public safety issue that the City Fathers are all too aware of, has been allowed to go unchecked and in the main, not policed. Illegal street racing locations and events are well known to police, yet it is allowed to continue. Why?” the AASA continued.

“Perhaps it is time that specific legislation relating to illegal street racing – and road rage for that matter – is drafted with appropriate sanction as these serious offences are not described adequately in the National Road Traffic Act”, the AASA added.

Drag racing venues such as Tarlton and The Rock Raceway have scheduled racing events which cater for street racers in a controlled and safe environment conducive to safe competition.

Automobile Association of South Africa (AA)
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