AA Fleet Help to Aleviate Traffic Congestions

With the traffic-free highways during the World Cup now a distant memory, life as we know it has gone back to normal, including the unwelcomed traffic congestions on our highways. With the number of cars on our roads growing every year and bearing in mind that South African roads are designed to carry 1 500 vehicles per lane, per hour our freeways are put under immense pressure. Once the traffic volume hits 1 500 cars or more per lane, per hour, congestion rises exponentially and traffic slows dramatically, increasing the likelihood of road accidents.

Solutions come from innovative forward thinking, such as the introduction of the two wheel patrols in the form of the AA motorbike fleet. The two wheel patrols cut down dramatically on response times and vastly improve accessibility to stranded members in rush hour traffic. The AA motorbike fleet can handle anything from a tyre change, stand by you, petrol refill, jumpstart, mechanical and electrical problems, locksmith services and a fast response unit.

"Since introducing the two wheeled vehicles, our record response times has seen us with happier, safer members," says Gary Ronald, Head of Public Affairs at the AA. A big part of traffic congestion is the stationary vehicles, car breakdowns and crashes. The motorbike fleet has helped alleviate traffic pressure on our members and because of the faster response time and navigation; our members are happier and safer when on the road.

Automobile Association of South Africa (AA)
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