AA Questions Budget Spend on Provincial Roads

The Automobile Association has raised concern over the state of provincial roads, citing the N14, the N1 and the R511/R562 interchange as areas for particular concern. Maintenance of road infrastructure including repairing guard rails damaged from road crashes, clearing damaged road signage and ensuring long grass on roadsides is cut as veld fire season approaches were a typical example.

The Minister of Transport announced a R6.4 billion plan to spend money upgrading infrastructure this year, yet reports of Gauteng province under spending their budget by R1.5 billion beg the question of how effectively these issues are being dealt with by provincial government. “Ensuring the upkeep of our roads is an ongoing battle and is integral to road safety and we should be spending every last cent available as wisely as possible in order to improve provincial roads frequented by motorists and pedestrians,” said the Automobile Association (AA).

Automobile Association of South Africa (AA)
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