AA Reaction to Budget Speech

The AA has expressed its disappointment in the budget announcement that taxes on fuel will be increased to 25.5 cents per litre. The implications of this tax will be felt across the board, especially on freight costs which in turn mean added costs to the consumer and higher prices on the supermarket shelf.

While the introduction of a carbon tax on vehicles makes downsizing your vehicle more appealing, we are yet unsure of how the carbon emission tax will be determined and are waiting on clarification on the scale which will be used,” says the AA. “We will be asking the question as to whether this applies to all vehicles on the roads and whether this annual tail pipe emission testing will actually be enforced as of 1 September 2010,” the AA  adds.

The carbon tax is neatly aligned with the Clean Air Act of 2006 with the introduction of the ban on leaded fuel and the lowering of the diesel sulphur content. The AA strongly advises that the government introduce an abbreviated safety check alongside testing for carbon emissions on all vehicles to improve the standard of roadworthiness on our roads.

Automobile Association of South Africa (AA)
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