AA Welcomes ANC’s Consideration of Fuel Levy for Tolling

The AA has welcomed the ANC’s decision to consider using the fuel levy as an interim measure to pay for infrastructure upgrades. With the imminent reduction in the fuel price, it is an opportune time to take a portion of the decrease and add this to the levy, specifically to get rid of the tolls permanently and provide a funding platform for national road projects.

“The issue of tolling has become highly politicised, and government should be encouraged to take this opportunity, which may be seen in a more positive light by consumers,” says the Automobile Association.

‘With an anticipated 55c to 70c drop in the diesel and petrol prices next week, there would still be a significant saving passed on to the motorist, and the political ramifications of tolling will cease to exist.  However, the AA believes that this must be seen as a permanent measure,’ added the AA.

Lastly begs the question of what will be done with the erected gantries, to which the AA recommends a simple and effective solution. “Current back end systems exist that can monitor traffic and be used for crime prevention and traffic safety. The existing gantries would be perfectly poised to handle information such as vehicle identification, checking for stolen vehicles, fake number plates or hijacked vehicles and general traffic management,” says the AA.

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