Accident? AA can assist

03 April 2014

The latest addition to the AA Rescue Service app suite

Proper management of events at the scene of a traffic accident and afterwards can safeguard a motorist's rights, prevent unnecessary expense and even help to ensure that insurance claims are lodged quickly and efficiently. This is according to the Automobile Association, who said that the shock of a crash often leads to errors in dealing with the aftermath.

It's common for motorists to be flustered after an accident and important procedures or the gathering of vital information forgotten.  Agreeing to the removal of the vehicle from the scene by unauthorised service providers has seen many an accident victim fall prey to run away recovery and storage costs.

With South Africa's deteriorating road safety record, the odds are that motorists are more likely to be involved in a crash and the AA is the best place to turn if the unthinkable happens.

AA Accident Assist is a new smartphone app, part of the AA Rescue Service app suite, which gives users access to a full suite of rescue services at the click of a button. Apart from having access to a checklist to follow after an accident, users can also record the accident details in the shock of the moment, motorists often forget simple things like obtaining the registration numbers of other vehicles and the contact information of third parties and witnesses. The app also automatically records the time and the location, useful for ensuring the insurance accident report is accurate, and provides advice to ensure that you follow all the legal requirements.  The app allows the user to record details of the scene, the prevailing conditions and most importantly, the extent of the damage to all vehicles involved in the accident, on video or photograph.

Although AA Accident Assist ensures that all the basics are covered, such as calling the police for more serious incidents where injuries have occurred, the app can notify selected contacts and send an alert to the AAs Emergency Call Centre for assistance.

AA Accident Assist is available for FREE to anyone (both members and non-members of the AA) and can be installed on most popular smartphones. To register and download the app, go to  We've put the A to Z of accident management in the palm of your hand, said the AA. With AA Accident Assist, worrying about how to deal with a crash is a thing of the past.

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