Automobile Association clarifies Regulation 32A

The Automobile Association (AA) has noted several reports in the media on the new rules relating to the renewing of license discs that came into effect on 1 November.

While there has been some speculation regarding the details and implications of the new regulation, the AA would like to separate this speculation from the fact.

Regulation 32A of the National Road Traffic Regulations requires all persons to provide proof of residence to acquire a license disc. The Department of Transport says the purpose of this regulation, which provides for the verification of address particulars on the eNaTIS system, is to ensure all people registered on the system “promptly and timeously receive their vehicle and driving licence renewal notices and any other road traffic related communique.”

The regulation applies to all drivers of motor vehicles and all persons registered on the eNaTIS or those who wish to make use of the eNaTIS services be it because they are holders of a valid South African driving licence or they are motor vehicle owners.

The regulation states that anyone who does not comply with this notice will not receive their vehicle and driving licence renewal notices and any other road traffic related communication from eNaTIS.

The AA would like to point out that while the implementation of these regulations is happening now, they were gazetted, and a decision on their implementation, was made in November 2014.

We would further like to point out that while there is a requirement for proof of residence the new regulation cannot be used to withhold a license disc for outstanding e-toll fees.

Regulations 25(7) and 59(2) of the National Road Traffic Act do not make provision for the withholding of licence discs for outstanding e-toll fees. Legislation that enables this action has not yet been gazetted.

Further the AA would like to urge all licensing authorities to ensure they are properly geared to process all the people who apply for license discs as quickly as possible and to avoid long delays which many have predicted will result from the implementation of the new regulations.

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