Defuse errors to curb ‘road rage’

31 July 2014

Tips on how to prevent road rage

Simple tips can prevent a minor traffic event from escalating into an incident of so-called road rage. This is according to the Automobile Association, which said drivers should not over-react to minor traffic events.

Common triggers for on-road incidents are when people don't wait their turn at stop streets, or cut other motorists off or tailgate them when driving. "What is the maximum loss of time caused by someone not waiting their turn at a stop street? It is rarely more than five, maybe ten seconds," the AA pointed out. "Reports of road rage incidents seem to show that people spend more time arguing over the initial error than they would have lost by simply taking it in their stride."

The AA reminded the public that all drivers occasionally make mistakes and advised motorists to defuse situations by apologising immediately if they make errors which inconvenience another motorist. "When we drive, we should take our cue from normal behaviour outside of the vehicle," the AA said. "Society runs smoothly when we are able to tolerate minor failings politely. We can make driving safer for everyone by carrying this attitude into our vehicles."

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