Distracted Driving

The AA has released the findings of its latest urban survey of driver mobile phone usage.

2 497 drivers were observed of which 7.04% were found to be either talking on their mobiles or texting while driving.

In the light of international data which suggests that in countries where strict enforcement and compliance exists, less than 3% of drivers commit this type of offence.

Distracted driving has become a topic of concern in the international arena –especially with the plethora of gadgetry available to the occupants of vehicles – such as GPS Navigation and in car entertainment systems including DVD. Mobile phones remain one of the major causes of driver controllable distractions.

“We strongly recommend that mobile phones are not switched on while driving – or at least that calls are ignored. Texting or reading a message whilst on the move is a really stupid thing to do as your attention is definitely not on the road or on the road environment”, says the AA.

“New evidence suggests that driver distraction is probably six times more dangerous than driving drunk. If one considers a driver just over the legal alcohol limit of 0.05 already has a potential risk of being involved in a crash 15 times more than a sober person, then the context of distraction is even more frightening”, the AA added.

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