Downsizing your Vehicle: Good for the Environment, Good for your Wallet

The Automobile Association of South Africa (AA), in the spirit of this week's Copenhagen conference, gives some valuable advice to motorists who might want to consider downsizing their vehicles to alleviate the pressure on the environment as well as their monthly cash flow. Ongoing fuel price hikes as well as the prevailing economic climate will put additional pressure on the average household consumer.

"Consumers driving around in large family sized vehicles are paying a premium for their vehicles every month," says Derek Hall-Jones, Head of Technical for the AA.

A recent review conducted by the Automobile Association shows that an upmarket family run 2.5 litre car or similar could cost consumers around R12 000 a month to operate including insurance, fuel and monthly instalments, while a decent size 1.6 litre economical run around or similar will cost you less than half that at around R6000. Consumers willing to downsize their vehicles are looking at saving an estimated R6 000 every month. Now is also a good time to consider changing because of the high demand for pre-owned vehicles in the market.

"It is time to take the "sting out of the bling" and down size it to an economical run around to alleviate the pressure on your monthly expenses" says Hall-Jones. "Not only will you save money but you will also be reducing your carbon footprint," he continues.

"Most vehicles depreciate at the same rate, so in three years losing 50% of the value on the smaller vehicle will save you money in the long term,"says Hall-Jones. "We at the AA are trying to make a difference in the lives of motorists and urge consumers to make a difference to their pockets and the environment," he concludes.

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