Gauteng motorists to dig deeper again for e-tolls

Rates to increase from 1 March

The Automobile Association (AA) would like to advise Gauteng motorists that the price of e-tolls on the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) roads, are set to increase by almost five percent on 1 March.

The announcement of the increases is contained in the Government Gazette (#39695) issued on Tuesday, 15 February. We are making motorists aware of these increases as the information does not appear on SANRAL’s e-toll website, nor are we aware of any SANRAL customers being directly informed thereof. 

No mention of any adjustments to the capped limit for tagged users is made in the Government Gazette. 

These increases to the toll rates come barely six months after the tariffs were reduced as a result of a public outcry, and discounts of up to 60% were offered on outstanding balances before September 2015. 

This announcement is the latest move by SANRAL, which appears to be intensifying its efforts to secure more payments for the tolling system. 

Once again we would have preferred SANRAL to be more upfront with this information, and to try and win over support, rather than relying on other organisations such as ourselves to inform the media and the public. 

Below is a breakdown of current, and future rates, for a day trip on the GFIP from Soweto to Pretoria.

Sanral pricing

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