Get home safely after school holidays

Be vigilant and patient, especially in difficult driving conditions
Heavier than normal traffic is expected on major routes in the next few days as holidaymakers from around the country return home after the July winter holidays. Inland and coastal schools resume on Monday, 20 July, for the third term after closing on 26 June. The Automobile Association (AA) has cautioned motorists to be vigilant, patient and to obey the rules of the road when driving home.

Motorists can expect increased traffic volumes on the N3 and N4 and the N1 and N2 to and from Cape Town from tomorrow as people return from their holidays.

“The roads will be busier than normal and we urge all motorists to be especially careful when driving in difficult conditions such as heavy mist or rain. It’s also vital that everyone obeys the rules of the road and respects other drivers,” the AA said.

The Association said drivers should rest every 200km or every two hours, obey speed limits, not talk on cellphones and drive sober.

“Large reductions in road fatalities will also be possible if everyone in the car is buckled up, including babies younger than three who, by law, are required to travel in an SABS-approved baby seat. Seatbelts are vital to safe motoring and we encourage everyone in the vehicle to wear theirs,” the AA said.

Apart from this the Association has also urged drivers to ensure their vehicles, including the tyres and brakes, are in good condition and ready for the trip. If you are towing another vehicle also ensure it is in a good condition.

“Do a full inspection of the underside of the chassis and all the wiring of the vehicle you are towing. Check the connectors and lights and, importantly, do not overload this vehicle,” the AA concluded.

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