Getting you, and your car, ready for the drive

5 December 2012:

With December upon us and the preparations for the holiday beginning, it is vital not to neglect yourself, or your car, ahead of any road trip. Many road crashes can be avoided by taking a few preventative measures that, although we may be aware of the importance, are often ignored.

As such the Automobile Association of South Africa (AA) shares the following tips to help keep you, and your family, safe this holiday season:

  • Check the fluids in your car to ensure unnecessary breakdowns are avoided. Unfortunately, being stuck on the side of the road is not only an irritation and time waster, but can in some instances put yourself and your family in a life threatening situation.
  • Checking the air pressures of your tyres before travelling to prevent potential blowouts as well as to assist in saving fuel.
  • Get your oil changed if it hasn't been done recently as a long trip can put additional stress on your motor. This is different from just topping up on oil, which doesn't get rid of the sludge from the old oil.
  • Make sure your tyres have sufficient wear left on them to prevent blowouts and skidding in extreme weather.
  • A clear air filter helps improve the carís performance and saves on fuel, ensuring more money can be spent on Christmas presents.
  • Ensure that the car windows are clean and that all lights and signals are working.
  • Make sure the spare tyre is pumped and all emergency equipment is ready, including the fire extinguisher and basic first aid kit.
  • As a driver, make sure that you are well rested before departure.
  • Take turns to drive if possible to provide variety to an otherwise long trip.
  • Bring enough car games, snacks and drinks to keep everyone occupied.
Automobile Association of South Africa (AA)
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