Halt the Hijacking Mayhem

Statistics of hijackings in South Africa, as we know, are through the roof with unsuspecting motorists being persistently traumatised on a daily basis. "Although there is no fool proof plan to avoid ever being hijacked, there are certainly certain steps and measures that we can take to limit the chances of being hijacked" says the AA.

Firstly, it is imperative that we are constantly alert to the possibility that we could be the next victim. The AA would advise precautionary measures such as being familiar with your environment and keeping alert to anything around you that is out of the ordinary.

Varying your route so as to avoid habitual routes that can be easily traced is a good way of throwing potential attackers off. There are obvious protective mechanisms such as locking doors and stopping your car a few metres behind the car in front of you to make a quick getaway.

Leaving your windows open just a fraction may also prevent smash and grab incidents, but be sure that they are not open more than five centimetres. Where possible, avoid driving at night and in high crime or unfamiliar areas and have your key ready, but not visible, when approaching your vehicle.

In the event that you are hijacked, the following simple steps are recommended:

  • Do not make any sudden or alarming moves. Remember that the hijackers are on edge and remaining calm is imperative. Keep your hands visible and move slowly.
  • Do not resist your hijackers; remember that your personal safety takes precedence over valuables.
  • Listen carefully to the demands of the hijackers, and try to concentrate on the possibility of identifying your hijackers at a later stage without blatantly staring at them.
  • Tell the truth when asked any questions as hijackers may fly off the handle should they feel they are being lied to.
  • If you are kidnapped, or have a child in the car, make this clear to your attackers. As calmly as possible, ask if you can fetch your child while making it clear that there is no threat from the child.

For further information on preventative hijacking measures, visit the News Hub section, for a comprehensive guide with preventative measures to avoid hijacking incidents.

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