Have your Car Checked, It could Save your Life

In 2009 a staggering 13 768 people died tragically on our roads. While about 80% of these crashes were caused by driver error,  defective or unroadworthy vehicles accounted for at least 9% of the total. This means that hundreds of lives could have been spared if proper roadworthy checks had been done on the vehicles involved in the crashes.
With the December holidays around the corner, many holidaymakers will be making their way to various holiday destinations which leads to increased traffic volumes. The December holiday period is also when there is an increase in the number of accidents.

“Taking your car in for a pre-holiday inspection should be in the checklist along with accommodation, route planner and checking the insurance policy because it is just as important. Using a reputable vehicle testing expert such as Dekra will guarantee peace of mind because the vehicle would have gone through the highest level of testing and is indeed in perfect condition,” said the Automobile Association (AA).
Whilst it is not intended to be a complete roadworthy, the Dekra Safety Check is aimed at inspecting key vehicle components that are more likely to fail and covers ten key items that are individually inspected by qualified vehicle Examiners. The examiners inspect the following:

  • Suspension
  • Steering
  • Visible fluid leaks
  • Cooling system
  • Braking system
  • Tyres
  • Fan belt
  • Radiator hoses
  • Lights
  • Other items (seat belts, hooter, trailer socket, windscreen wipers).

“Regardless of whether it is a business trip or a family holiday, the safety of your family really matters and your safety is our priority. The saving of human life is at the core of every DEKRA Roadworthy Certificate and Dekra has introduced 85 years of international testing experience to the South African roadworthy industry,” Henni Boudjelthia, Managing Director of Dekra Automotive.

Where any of the items do not pass a basic roadworthy assessment, the examiner will thoroughly explain the dangers of not having them fixed so the motorist knows what the risks are.

“Other human factors such as driver intoxication and distracted driving are also contributing factors to road crashes. As important as having your car checked is, it is also equally important to adhere to the rules of the road in order to protect yourself and fellow road users,” concludes the AA.

Automobile Association of South Africa (AA)
011 799 1126

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