Holiday Driving Rules Ė the Doís and Donítís

06 November 2012: December holidays are one of the best things about working hard all year round. In order to get the most out of your hard-earned break, it is important to remember the driving rules, regardless of where you are. Due to increased traffic volumes over this period and a more widespread police presence, you cannot risk breaking the rules. The Automobile Association (AA) shares the following tips to help keep you safe this holiday season:

  • The laws do not change just because you are on holiday. The same road rules apply such as driving sober (no drinking and driving), always wearing seatbelts, obeying the speed limits and keeping a safe following distance at all times, etc.
  • Provinces such as KwaZulu Natal and the Western Cape have a ďZero ToleranceĒ policy when it comes to the rules of the road. Breaking these rules could mean you spend some of your holiday behind bars.
  • Most established hotels and some of the best B & Bís offer transfers and can possibly also arrange private drivers. If you are planning on drinking when you out, and donít have a designated driver, it is crucial to make the necessary allowances in your budget to hire a driver or driving service.
  • Always buckle up! Even if you are driving a short distance from the beach, and regardless of whether you are sitting in front or in the back, itís essential to wear your safety belt. Not only is this the law but it could save your life. And remember, no hanging out of the windows while driving.
  • Plan ahead to keep the kids busy. This will help prevent unnecessary distractions for the driver.
  • If you are travelling beyond South Africaís borders, make sure you have done your research on the local road rules and any requirements for vehicles and documentation before you head out. They could be different to South African rules and you donít want to be caught out when you get there.
Automobile Association of South Africa (AA)
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