Join the Latest Protest Action Against the Gauteng Tolls

No Toll GP Sticker

As Gauteng citizens rejoice over the latest announcement of the toll postponement, organisations such as the Automobile Association, COSATU and industry are still committed to active protest against the tolls until the decision to completely end the project has been irrevocably made.

“While it is encouraging that the minister is listening to the public outcry and protest, there still isn’t a confirmed cancellation of the tolls,” says the AA. “So until that happens, we will continue to protest against the tolls and encourage the public to join us.”

The AA’s latest action against the tolls are purpose made AA, No Toll, bumper stickers. “We have made 20 000 stickers for now and will make more should there be a demand. We are asking drivers to stick them on their cars as a means of protest as a further reminder to SANRAL and the minister that we won’t keep quiet until the tolls are canned,” continues the AA.

“Funds raised from the sale of the stickers will go towards the planned legal action against SANRAL.  Should the toll issue be resolved and scrapped, the funding will go towards AA road safety initiatives,”  added the AA.

To join the protest and get your bumper sticker, go to an AA store near you.

Stickers are available at your nearest Travel Experience and AA Autoshops in Gauteng for R10.

Automobile Association of South Africa (AA)
011 799 1126



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