1,475 People Die on SA Roads over the 2011 Festive Season

The festive season saw at least 1475 people die on SA roads according to the latest figures released today by the Minister of Transport. The final figure due in a month’s time could very well exceed that of last year’s 1704 fatalities.

While it is encouraging to note that the number of fatalities have decreased compared to last year, the increase in the number of crashes compared to the previous year, although not significant, points to no change in road user behaviour on our roads.

“We are devastated at the high death toll as it shows that the government is not taking proper action to keep the public safe on the roads. The question we are asking is what did not happen last year and more importantly, how to change that in 2012,” says the AA.

The Decade of Action has a simple and easily implementable strategy however there is no plan and therefore no implementation. What we need is implementation of the strategy other than a purely law enforcement focus.

“As a driver there are several things that you can do to guarantee your own safety. Check your vehicle.  Anything that is broken, worn or past its’ sell by date – fix or replace. If you can’t fix anything beyond your control, adapt the way you drive to accommodate that element and reduce it to the lowest risk possible,” continues the AA. “You’re not going to stop idiots from driving like they do.  Prove you’re the better driver by letting them go – you don’t want them near you when things go wrong in any case! Remember the law and adhere to it.”

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