Making the Most of Your Fuel

Fuel prices are high and constantly increasing, and motorists are in much needed financial respite. With no resolution on the horizon, it’s vital for motorists to understand how to use fuel smarter. “Driving smart can save you thousands of rands a year, not only on petrol but also on the wear and tear on your vehicle,” says the AA.

The Automobile Association (AA) has provided a few handy tips to help you squeeze more miles from your tank by adjusting your driving habits:

  • Cut down on erratic driving habits, such as accelerating harshly from stops, and try to keep your accelerator in a constant position while on the move. Decelerate early for stops, keeping your engine revs as low as possible.
  • Keep your vehicle moving as much as possible as accelerating from a stopping position uses considerably more energy than when you are moving. So try to “pace” yourself in traffic, always keeping a safe following distance of at least three seconds.
  • Your vehicle is at its most efficient when it’s being driven at the right RPM (revolutions per minute) and the engine is producing the most torque. So check your manual under engine specifications and know your RPM.
  • For an efficient car your need proper maintenance. Keep a close eye on things like regular servicing, and ensuring your wheel alignment is on point.
  • Make sure your tyres are properly inflated according to the recommended tyre pressures. Flat or even slightly deflated tyres mean more petrol usage, as do wider tyres.
  • Cut down on the weight load and travel light.
  • Lastly, be glad it’s winter so you don’t have to use the aircon. However, keep an eye on aircon usage as summer approaches.

“It’s simple, the trick to driving smart is driving safe! If you can maintain a relatively constant pace and pay attention to your acceleration, you’ll use less petrol,” adds the AA. “Adding to this, the AA is offering Members a chance to get a share of R60,000 of fuel - a much needed financial respite for motorists over the next few months.”

Automobile Association of South Africa (AA)
011 799 1126

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