Obtaining your Driver's License - Pitfalls and Pointers

Pitfall: People often put off obtaining their driver’s license out of fear. With the high death toll on South African roads these days, this is understandable.

Pointer: “ The start of competent driving begins at home,” says the Automobile Association. “It’s the old adage of practising what you preach and setting a good example to your children. A novice driver who has seen his parents, family members and friends driving badly is likely to pick up their bad habits, so be sure to set a good example to your children from the onset, reminding them how important the rules of the road are to all of us.”

Pitfall: Driving schools and private instructors are often overpriced, charging exorbitant prices for a series of lessons. The majority of people lack the funds for private lessons resulting in inexperienced or bad drivers on our roads. Keep looking, and make sure you find a driving school that is reasonable and reputable, they do exist!

Pointer: Do your homework. Find the best diving school, or an instructor that is reputable and does not overcharge. Rather take the lessons and pass first time round, than risk failing and paying the cost of trying again.

Pitfall: Booking a test has become more difficult in Gauteng, especially since the demise of the Shared Services Call Centre, since different testing stations have different requirements.

Pointer: Plan in advance. Make sure you know the exact requirements for the testing station you choose. Some accept bookings for all Gauteng residents, and others only for residents of that particular municipality.

Pitfall: Don’t fall for corruption. “The AA’s biggest concern is that delays in getting tests scheduled will lead to learner drivers considering the illegal option, which of course results in more incompetent drivers on our roads,” says the AA,  “it puts people’s lives in danger.”

Pointer: Bribery and corruption destroys our country and increases road-related accidents. Don’t risk your life, or the lives of others. Be accountable and go the right route.

Automobile Association of South Africa (AA)
011 799 1126

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