Planning and Budgeting for your Holiday

The Easter holidays inevitably mean increased traffic volumes on the roads and holidaymakers would do well to familiarise themselves with changing road conditions. Heavy construction currently taking place on major roads is leading to the formation of the new routes around the country, so the AA would advise that you check your route carefully before setting off this Easter to ensure a hassle-free trip.

The AA travel essentials include AA strip maps, route planners and toll plaza reports, all of which ensure that you have all you need to get you to your destination and donít forget to figure those toll costs into your budget. The strip maps cover South Africaís most popular routes so that you begin your journey with a clear idea of how to get to your destination, the number of toll plazas that you need to budget for, and the road conditions you will encounter.

Geoff Elske, General Manager of AA Travel says. ďTravelling, whether alone or with family, requires planning, preparation and contingency arrangements. The AA Travel team consistently and continuously updates its route maps, toll plaza and road conditions reports. Itís essential for anyone travelling to have before-hand knowledge of their destination, alternative routes, what safety measures to take, additional necessities and most importantly, the entire cost of the trip.Ē

AA Travelís strip maps and route planners are an essential component to any journey, and with the toll plaza cost reports, all three will ensure that you get to where you want to be safely, smoothly, with no hassles and no surprise costs. For more information visit the AA website at

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