Saving Grace

Solo women drivers are often targeted by criminals so keep your eyes open, be alert and trust no-one. Here is some new advice from the AA as well as some tips that you probably already know but donít always follow.

  1. Bumper bashing
    If you experience a light bumper bash at night or on a quiet road, keep moving! It could be a scam to attack you.
  2. Potholes
    Stick to main roads if you can, as side roads are often unlit, making it hard to spot a pothole. If you do hit one, no matter how bad the damage, do not stop Ė get to a police or petrol station and check it there.
  3. Go for lockdown
    If you break down alone or with kids in the car, late at night or on a quiet road, stay in your car, and keep doors locked and windows closed. Call the AA to send help and roadside security while you wait. Then phone a friend or your family to tell them where you are.
  4. Stay put
    If you are pulled over by police, it is your right to make sure your safety is not compromised. Remember, you do not have to get out of your vehicle at any time if you feel unsafe or have children in the car.
  5. Park and go
    Planning to head home alone at night? Park in a well-lit and secure area. Keep your keys ready and donít unlock your car from a distance. Get in, lock it, donít faff around, go.
  6. No stopping!
    If you are alone, do not stop to assist motorists who appear to be injured or experiencing problems, even if there are children involved. It may be a set-up to rob or attack you. Just drive on. Same goes for hitchhikers. Not in your car, babe.
  7. Key note
    Donít leave your keys in your car and walk away, even if itís just for a minute to run an errand, open a gate or buy a latte.
  8. Out of sight, out of reach
    Always keep your valuables out of sight (not on the seat). Boot is best!

AA at your side
The AA will send a locksmith if you lock yourself out of the car; do on-the-spot battery replacements and tyre changes; and bring fuel if you run out. It will send its Stand By You roadside security if you feel unsafe.

Contact AASA Public Affairs 
Telephone 011 799 1180

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