The AA is Driven to Deliver Far More than Roadside Assistance

The Automobile Association of South Africa (AA) is perhaps best known for ensuring the safety and security of its members through the provision of efficient and technologically advanced roadside assistance. However, in the 80 plus years since it was first established in South Africa, the AA has added a significant number of valuable other services and benefits to their portfolio in the drive to live out its mission to be South African motorists most trusted mobility solutions partner.

According to the AA, the organisation has recently undertaken a campaign aimed at raising awareness of the diversity of benefits and services it offers through its affordable membership options.

“Our research has shown that few South African motorists have a full understanding of the value-add features and benefits offered by the AA,” the AA explains, “and we believe that this is actually preventing many of them from enjoying the kind of positive and stress-free motoring experience they deserve.”

This focus on adding value to the lives and driving enjoyment of South Africans is at the heart of the AA’s approach, and forms the central message of its current advertising campaign, which draws attention to the no less than 31 benefits available to motorists when they receive their AA Membership card.

The vast list of features and benefits on offer ranges from the well known 24-hour emergency call centre and technical roadside assistance, to a variety of lifestyle enhancing offerings such as preferential travel, motor and building insurance rates, local and international traveller discounts, and even a secure private vehicle selling service!

“As South Africa’s oldest and most established motoring services provider, the AA’s stated vision is to be the champion of the South African motorist and traveller,” the AA points out, “and to achieve that, we make a point of staying at the forefront of global motoring trends, and keeping in touch with the requirements and expectations of our members.”

The AA explains that the net result of this approach is an organisation whose members enjoy the very best in motoring and lifestyle enhancement services, available through a range of membership options that are as flexible and affordable as each individual needs them to be.

The AA points to the growing need for motorists to feel safe and secure on the roads as a particular focus of the majority of the AA’s membership benefits, “In addition to having round the clock access to call centre and roadside assistance as well as emergency rescue services, our members enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the AA is always there as a trusted and reliable travel companion,”  explains the AA, “one that offers accurate navigation assistance and route maps, road condition reports, a distance calculator, and will even help them find their way home if they get lost.”

“By offering members these and many other valuable products, services and benefits – all accessed via a single AA Membership card – the AA is able to deliver on its promise to enrich the lives of South Africans,” the AA concludes, “not just while they’re behind the wheel of their car, but also in countless other ways.”

For more information, please contact:

Automobile Association of South Africa (AA)
011 799 1126

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