The AA remains opposed to e-tolling

10 September 2014

The AA re-affirms their stance on e-tolling

The Automobile Association says it has taken note of a South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) media statement in which SANRAL spokesperson, Vusi Mona, made reference to studies conducted by the AA regarding the costs of traffic congestion to the economy.

"The AA agrees that traffic congestion has a considerable impact on the effectiveness of the economy," the AA said. "However, the Association is concerned that reference has been made to its name and views in the context of a SANRAL press statement which promotes e-tolling, a system which the AA has consistently opposed," the AA added. "This may give rise to uncertainty over the AA's exact stance," the Association commented.

In 2007, the Association was one of the original objectors to the funding of the Gauteng Freeway Improvement System via tolling. It said that tolling increased the cost to the end user and concentrated the funding burden on a limited number of citizens. The AA said there were more equitable ways of funding roads which had low or no collection costs, such as taxation and the fuel levy.

"References to studies we have done, or the mention of the AA name by SANRAL spokespeople should not be interpreted to mean that the AA has changed its stance on the issue of how best to fund the roads which need to be built to relieve congestion," the AA commented."We wish to re-affirm that we remain opposed to e-tolling," the Association concluded.

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