Toll Rates Spell Doom and Gloom for Gauteng Motorists

“The announcement of SANRAL’s 40 cents a kilometre means horrific implications for the motorist, not to mention the nasty dent it will put in the freight industry’s pocket,” said the AA. Before discounts, toll road users are looking at a flat rate of 40 cents for light vehicles and motorcycles, R1.98 for small trucks and R3.96 for larger trucks.

“We’re likely to see alternative routes becoming gridlock areas where back roads offer a toll free substitute, but South Africans are going to need to relook their stance on Public Transport where it’s available,” says the AA. “A trip from William Nichol to the airport could cost you a cool R38!”

Solutions lie in improved public transport solutions, with a need to accelerate the roll out of Rea Veya to carry more routes and possibly looking at Gautrain buses as forms of public transport could be a start. We might also see some out of the box thinking from the business sector with a more “work from home” mentality coming through.

While the Automobile Association welcomes the announcement after a long anticipated wait so that motorists and commerce can adjust their budgets, purse strings will need to be pulled tighter and tighter. Following the recent fuel hike and with no reduction in sight, we can also look forward to other increases affecting our budgets in the upcoming budget speech. Doom and gloom indeed.

Automobile Association of South Africa (AA)
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