Transport month

October is Transport month and some of the objectives for this campaign include promoting greater awareness of road safety behaviour for drivers and pedestrians as well as promoting "green" driving.

At the AA, your safety on the road is our business so during transport month, we encourage you to observe the following simple rules of the road:

  • wear your seatbelt at all times
  • make sure your children are strapped correctly in their car seats
  • avoid driving when you're tired and rest during long trips
  • do not drink and drive

"Stats have shown that these four points can drastically improve your chances of surviving a crash. Imagine how significantly the injury rate would decrease if we all did these four simple things," said the AA.

In preparation for next year's FIFA World Cup, there have been road works on major highways which are being upgraded and this has caused severe traffic congestions, which leads to a whole lot of carbon omissions.

Here are some tips on what you can do to make driving on our roads more pleasant during Transport month:

  • Use a lift club to get to work. This will save you money, reduce both traffic congestion and carbon omissions
  • Observe the rules of the road at all times such as; no driving while talking on your cellphone, no overtaking on a solid white line and keeping to the speed limit
  • Complete several tasks in one trip to reduce unnecessary driving
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