Beat Car Battery Blues with the AA

The AA would like to warn all AA Members that their car batteries are susceptible to changes in the weather. This coupled with a lack of maintenance can cause your car to come to a grinding halt at any time.

The expertly trained AA roadside assistance fleet is always on standby to take care of any battery emergencies, so you can keep moving even if your vehicle is struck down by the cold.

“Maintaining your battery is a simple exercise and definitely not an expensive thing to do,” says the AASA. “With proper maintenance and care, your battery will last longer.”

Car batteries over a year old should be taken to the AA Battery Service for a thorough inspection. AA Members should call the AA requesting an AA Battery Service to check the battery’s charge rate on the car’s alternator, and the specific gravity (SG) of the battery water. In summer months batteries occasionally need distilled water added to counteract evaporation. Evaporation can ruin a battery in the event of the battery cells running dry.

Cleaning battery terminals is another essential part of proper maintenance and care. This can be done easily at home, using a sponge and a mixture of water and baking soda. Once the battery terminals are clean, a dab of petroleum jelly will keep them corrosion free for longer. It is also imperative to check that the battery is properly secured to the vehicle, and that the connections between the cables and the posts are sound.

When handling a car battery it is important to remember that batteries contain sulphuric acid and lead which can cause injury if handled incorrectly. For this reason it is advisable to wear rubber gloves and eye protection. Your battery terminals should also be covered with insulating caps to prevent accidental contact with metal parts in your car, which will lead to a short circuit.

Phone the AA on 0861 000 234 to fit a replacement battery at your convenience. Our Battery Fleet is available 24/7 and will come to you, wherever you might be, whether it’s at home, the office or on the side of the road.

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