BP Lights Up Soccer Stadiums During World Cup

A massive multi-million litre fuel sponsorship deal by BP will guarantee power to all the soccer stadiums where the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ matches will be played.

The petroleum player’s globally acclaimed performance fuels range, BP Ultimate – available in unleaded and diesel – will not only power the generators at the soccer stadiums, but will also be used to fuel the official FIFA fleet, transporting members of the LOC and all the team buses.

FIFA specifically chose BP as its fuel supplier because of its sincere commitment to producing products that are environmentally-friendly, recommended and recognised worldwide, which also complements FIFA’s ‘greening’ strategy for the 2010 World Cup™.

One of the big considerations for FIFA in the lead up and during the tournament is to be as carbon neutral as possible, which makes BP the perfect partner.

Quick facts about BP’s green credentials: 

• BP was the first petroleum company to publicly acknowledge the risks of climate change in the early 90’s and took action by significantly reducing its own emissions
• In SA, it took the lead and became the first petroleum company to produce lead and heavy-metal-free fuel years ahead of the SA government’s legislative ban on lead in fuels, which came into effect on January 2006
• BP has also joined forces with the Automobile Association of South Africa to aid motorists in saving fuel and minimise their cars’ impact on the environment
• Today, BP is among the world leaders in exploring the possibilities of renewable energies such as hydrogen and solar
• BP Ultimate was the first fuel product to receive the Greenhouse Office’s, Greenhouse Friendly certification, in recognition of BP’s efforts in reducing emissions
• Besides BP, no other petroleum company has been able to back up its fuel economy claim with a specific number of extra kilometres. BP Ultimate Unleaded and Diesel, can give motorists up to 25 and 36 kilometres more per tank, respectively, compared with ordinary fuels – so why don’t you put it to the test...

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