Warning: advanced driving and manoeuvring course

The Automobile Association of South Africa (AA) has been made aware of an Employment Agreement which is being circulated electronically and which instructs a job applicant for a driver/chauffer job opportunity to undertake an Advanced Driving and Manoeuvring course offered by the AA at a fee. The information in the Agreement pertaining to the driving course which mentions both the AA and Majestic Transportation- Logistics is false.

The AA wishes to confirm that it has no product or service offering entitled “Advanced Driving and Manoeuvring (ADM) course” and no relationship with Majestic Transportation – Logistics. The AA would further like to add that it has not under any circumstances whatsoever partnered with any other organization to offer the aforementioned fictitious course. The AA would warn any person interested in taking up the job opportunity described above to contact us to for verification of our relationship with any organisation that claims to have an arrangement with the AA in respect of a driving course”. 

Contact: AASA Public Affairs
Telephone: 011 799 1180

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