Coping With a Crash

Stop your vehicle immediately and ascertain if anyone is injured. If there are no injuries, report the incident at a police station within 24 hours and obtain an accident reference number.

If anyone has been injured or killed, call the emergency services on 10111 or via cellphone on 112, and give the injured only the assistance which you are capable of.In such circumstances none of the vehicles may be moved until a police or traffic officer gives his or her permission. If, however, the vehicles are impeding the traffic flow, they may be moved sufficiently to allow for the free flow of traffic, provided their position (all four wheels) has been clearly marked on the road surface.

Do not take any intoxicating liquor or drugs, especially if you are injured or in shock, unless you are instructed to do so by a medical practitioner.

At the accident scene obtain all the information you can, including:

  • Names and telephone and identity numbers of those involved in the accident
  • Names and telephone and identity numbers of any witnesses
  • Vehicle information (registration number, make and model of car, nature and extent of damage)
  • Details of the other partyís insurers
  • Details of damage to any other property
  • If a traffic officer is present, note his or her name, rank, staff number and station
  • The particulars of the other driverís employer, if applicable.

Do not admit liability at the scene, but give your details to anyone having reasonable grounds for requiring this information. If possible, take photos of the accident scene, or draw a rough sketch.

If your car cannot be driven and you are insured, contact your insurance company immediately to report the accident and to ascertain if they wish to arrange the towing. If they do not, or you are not insured, contact the AA for assistance. AA Advantage PLUS members qualify for free accident towing, whilst all other AA members are required to pay for an accident tow.

To avoid hidden costs obtain a written quote from the tow contractor and sign it. Also complete a checklist of the condition of your car and remove all valuables (such as CD shuttle, sunglasses). Be clear about where you want the car towed to and donít forget you are liable for daily storage costs if your car is kept at the tow contractorís yard.

Finally, follow up the claim with your insurance company as soon as possible, or institute a recovery process against the guilty third party if you are not insured. If you are an AA member and would like further advice, call AA Legal Services on 0861 000 234.

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